Articles 2016

Alagador, D.Cerdeira, J.O. & Araújo, M.B. 2016. Climate change, species range shifts and dispersal corridors: an evaluation of spatial conservation models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. doi: 11/2041-210X.12524

Areias-​Guerreiro J., Mira, A. & Barbosa, A.M. (in press) How well can models predict changes in species distributions? A 13-​year-​old otter model revisited. Hystrix — Italian Journal of Mammalogy

Basile, M., Valerio, F., Balestrieri, R., Posillico, M., Bucci, R., Altea, T., … & Matteucci, G. (2016). Patchiness of forest landscape can predict species distribution better than abundance: the case of a forest-​dwelling passerine, the short-​toed treecreeper, in central Italy. PeerJ4, e2398.

Carvalho F, Carvalho R, Mira A, Beja, P (2016) Assessing landscape functional connectivity in a forest carnivore using path selection functions. Landscape Ecology, 31:1021 – 1036.

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Gutiérrez-​Rodríguez J., Barbosa, A.M. & Martínez-​Solano I. 2016. Present and past climatic effects on the current distribution and genetic diversity of the Iberian Spadefoot toad (Pelobates cultripes): an integrative approach. Journal of Biogeography, in press.

Herrera JM, Costa P, Encarnaçao C, Salgueiro P, Medinas D, Mira A (2016) Generalities of vertebrate responses to landscape composition and configuration gradients in a highly heterogeneous Mediterranean region. Journal of Biogeography (DOI10.1111/jbi.12720)

Mestre, F.; Cánovas, F.;Pita, R;Mira, A.and Beja, P. 2016An R package for simulating metapopulation dynamics and range expansion under environmental change. Environmental Modelling & Software, vol. 81, 40 – 44doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2016.03.007

Naimi, B. & Araújo, M.B. 2016. sdm: a reproducible and extensible R platform for species distribution modelling. Ecography, 39: 368 – 375. doi: 10.1111/ecog.01881

Pautasso M., Vieweger A. & Barbosa A.M. (in press) Can the Adoption of Organic Farming be Predicted by Biogeographic Factors? A French Case Study. Organic Farming.

Peralta, D., Leitão I., Ferreira, A, Mira, A., Beja, P., Pita, R. (2016). Factors affecting southern water vole (Arvicolas sapidus) detection and occupancy probabilities in Mediterranean farmland. Mammalian Biology 81:123 – 129. doi: 10.1016/j.mambio.2015.10.006

Real R.*, Barbosa A.M.* & Bull J.W.* (in press) Species distributions, quantum theory, and the enhancement of biodiversity measures. Systematic Biology.

* these authors contributed equally to this work

Reino L., Ferreira M., Martínez-​Solano I., Segurado P., Xu C. & Barbosa, A.M. (in press) Favourable areas for co-​occurrence of parapatric species: niche conservatism and niche divergence in Iberian tree frogs and midwife toads. Journal of Biogeography

Santos, R.A.L.*, Santos, S.M*., Santos-​Reis, M., Figueiredo, A.P., Bager, A., Aguiar, L.M.S., Ascensão, F.* Carcass Persistence and Detectability: Reducing the uncertainty surrounding wildlife-​vehicle collision surveys. PloS ONE (2016), 11(11e0165608. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0165608 (*Contributed equally to this work with: Rodrigo Augusto Lima Santos, Sara M. Santos, Fernando Ascensão)

Santos S, Mira A, Salgueiro PA, Costa P, Medinas D, Beja P 2016. Avian trait-​mediated vulnerability to road traffic collisions. Biol. Conserv., 200:122 – 130. DOI: 10.1016/j.biocon.2016.06.004

Valerio, F., Basile, M., Balestrieri, R., Posillico, M., Di Donato, S., Altea, T., & Matteucci, G. (2016). The reliability of a composite biodiversity indicator in predicting bird species richness at different spatial scales. Ecological Indicators71, 627 – 635.

Vicente, J.R.Alagador, D., Guerra, C., Alonso, J.M., Kueffer, C., Vaz, A.S., Fernandes, R.F., Cabral, J.A., Araújo, M.B. & Honrado, J.P. Cost– effective monitoring of biological invasions under global change: a model-​based framework. Journal of Applied Ecology. doi: 10.1111/1365 – 2664.12631

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